American Dynamics จอภาพ
American Dynamics Monitor


จอภาพของ American Dynamics   สำหรับระบบกล้องวงจรปิด มีดีไซน์หลายรุ่น  สวยงามทันสมัย  ภาพคมชัดแบบ  full HD   หรือ CVBS inputs    มีทั้งจอที่ใช้ภายนอกและภายในอาคาร   จอทุกชนิดได้มาตรฐาน ตาม  VESA™ Mounting Interface Standard (MIS)





General Purpose Monitors 


With several sizes to choose from, the American Dynamics General Purpose Monitors, with VGA as well as digital DVI-D or HDMI connections, produce sharp, true color images even at wide viewing angles. Each monitor features user friendly, on-screen menus and front panel controls for adjusting monitor display parameters to your specific preference.


Multiple Input Monitors 


The American Dynamics Multiple Input Monitors are proven high quality video display monitors supporting both HD digital and analog composite video input signals with comb filter and de-interlace technology.  We offer two options to choose from. The Performance Series is an excellent choice for price sensitive markets, without sacrificing quality while the Professional Series provides the highest quality with the latest  features and technology. Each of these monitors is slim and lightweight requiring less power and space. 


Large Panel Multiple Input Monitors 


American Dynamics Large Panel Multiple Input Monitors produce sharp, true color images even at wide viewing angles.  These Professional Series monitors are high quality with the latest features and technology such as LED edge-lit backlighting, enhanced power savings, and latest 3D de-interlace technology and 3D comb filters. Each monitor supports full HD digital as well as sharp analog composite video input signals.  Slim metal chassis design includes desktop stand and feature VESA™ Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) so you can install our products wherever you need them.


Public View Monitors 


Installing public view monitors can be a deterrent to criminal activity. The American Dynamics Public View Monitors with an integrated high resolution, color camera produce crisp, clear images to show visitors and employees that they are, in fact, being recorded. Our monitors offer a sleek design and can integrate into any environment. As a bonus, you can also use our monitors as digital signage and display visual promotional advertising or your corporate message to anyone entering your store.